Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Peidmont Financial

So I made this movie; Peidmont Financial....It was about bank tellers who become bank robbers. Like most films that are made for nothing it didn't turn out perfect. I wish it had turned out better, it would have been great to go to Sundance and win a lot of awards and direct Terminator 5 but that didn't happen. Luckily for me when some doors close, other doors open and now I manage an awesome TV studio in NYC. We shoot lots of weird fun stuff, some news, some tv, but nonsense.

I am hoping to speak throughout this blog about the technical/creative solutions I use to make things look decent.

Peidmont Financial was shot with a Sony Z1U and a Red Rock Micro 35. I had a couple of Nikon lenses that I worked through equally. My lighting for the film was a couple of Lowel Totas, Omnis, and most important a grid I built of Chinese lanterns on the ceiling with color corrected extra bright fluorescent lights.

Below is the Trailer for Peidmont Financial.

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